Battle For The Cutest!
Season 2, Episode 12
First Aired 2012(USA)
Featuring Saki, Malik, Mikey, Jadus, and Harriet.
Also Appearing Emily, Dan, Majority of the boys, and Lucas.
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"Cats Don't Always Land On Their Feet"


"Harriet and Saki with Malik-belt"


This episode starts off with a new girl, Emily entering the mall. With one glance, all the boys fall in love with her. With all this attention and admiration, Saki feels that Emily could be a threat. Saki's best friend, Jadus, starts to hang out with Emily more often, which leads Saki to think that she actually is a threat. She complains to everyone that Emily is really a big threat, but Malik shoos that idea away because he secretly likes Emily as well. Mikey tries to hook up with Emily, though, his strategy failed. With the idea from Malik, Saki then sets up a cutness competition so she can outrule Emily, but Emily is the one who rules over Saki, and she's not even trying. The first challenge was a dress up contest. Emily wins that with an adorable Raggedy Ann Doll style. The second challenge is dating-wise. Emily's big and marveling eyes help win over the challenge and the boy's heart. The third challenge is a dance battle. Emily won this one with a small twirl and a leg slide. Lucas has low hopes for Saki because of many, many attempts, she ultimately fails at trying to win. Saki eventually catches up and wins the fourth challenge. Which was the singing contest. With a little respect and pride, Saki loses her suspicion of Emily and befriends her.


The subplot in this episode is Emily meeting a cute guy named Dan, and she develops a crush on him. He eventually admits his feelings to her after Saki and Emily become friends.


Character User
Saki XxItzTDAudreyxX
Harriet Sierrastalker
Audrey.A Liklik2012


  • Majority of the cast are minors this episode.
  • This is the third leaked episode and the third episode about Saki.
  • In The Secret Ending, Harriet thinks that Emily and Saki combined are threats to her whatever, and she conjures up another contest.
  • This marks the first appearance of Emily.


  • When Emily is dancing like a ballerina, her hair is in a bun, but in the next shot it is back to normal.
  • Saki's hand is red when she is becoming friends with Emily (although this might be because of what happened the previous episode, even though she showed no signs of being hurt this episode).
  • Harriet is seen posing for a photoshoot, even though she gave up on modeling.
  • When Jadus and Emily are talking, Malik is at the table next to them, but in the next shot, Mikey takes his place.
  • Jadus mentioned that Ariana was sick this episode, but Ariana is seen in the background for majority of the episode, not looking sick at all.
  • During Saki's performance of "So Hot", her clothes are cheetah-printed outfits, but they change back to her regular clothes the next shot.

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