Dark Snow
Season 1, Episode 9
First Aired January 23, 2012(USA)
Featuring Mikey, Demi, Daniel, Malik, Harriet, Raymond, Nichelle, Duncan, Macey, Keith, Rose
Also Appearing Dan, Gene, Maria, The Titties
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"Thanks For The Giving...Not!"


"School Days Are Over!: The Graduation!"


The episode begins with Duncan and Mikey arriving in the mall, coming back from Pacific Coast Academy, after staying there for the semester. They miss everyone, and everyone misses them, even Rose greets them. However, Malik only pays Duncan attention. Soon Malik finds out that Duncan and Mikey missed everyone, including Malik, and he goes out of sourpuss land. Snow fills the Mall, is if bigger than the Great wall. The group also decorates the Mall.


Character User
Malik/Macey/Keith/Nichelle/Rose/The Titties Liklik2012
Raymond/Maria/Jacob/Bella RealTDIRaymond
Demi/Daniel DDtwins14
Harriet Sierrastalker
Duncan/Mikey/Courtney Gary the Gaget Dude
Dan/Gene Darkmeister


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