Gender Female
Hair color Brunette and Black Highlights
Eye color Sky Blue
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
First Appearance Just Us Friends
Last Appearance N/A
Relationship Single Duncan(broken)
Daniel(broken up)
Family Melody(Daughter)
Friends Everyone (Except enemies)
Frienemies TBA
Enemies None
Fear Apocalypse (SERIOUSLY)
Talent Singing, Sometimes Dancing, occasionally acrobats/gymnastics
Nicknames None
Fans 67,252
Voiced By Elizabeth Gillies
Played By Harriet

Harriet, labeled The Retired Super Model, hangs out at the mall with everyone and is a main character in Total Drama Mall.


Harriet was born on July 15, 1995. Born in Miami, Florida, she was a neighborhood local. Having natural good looks, she modeled for two years and eight months. Then she didn't want to do it anymore. She had TOO much publicity. So she moved down to this neighborhood to keep quiet. And no one in the story knows. UNTIL. (MORE TO COME).

Time on Show

In Just Us Friends, Harriet drops a plant by accident on Duncan's head, in which that brings in Duncan. Then, she sees three more people walk into the mall, they happen to be Ray, Katelyn, and Eli. She gives them all a tour one by one, in hopes to give them information. But very randomly out of nowhere, Dex jumps through the ceiling and lands in the tour group. Later on, Malik is talking to Duncan about a kiss they shared in the past. Harriet watched them, but she felt like a horrible person and decides to go home. After hearing Mikey sing, she runs back, slams the doors of the mall open, and starts singing Stronger and huge singing competition breaks out. After almost an hour of singing, Harriet and Mikey take a break... but soon get mauled by fans. It all ends when all the friends stand in one big group, and Mikey says "Just Us Friends".




  • Harriet's been famous for more than 10 years, not when she moved in.
  • Harriet has been in every episode so far, Except Totally Victorious!
  • Harriet is the first teenager in the show to have a child.
  • Hariet has the second biggest amount of comments.
  • Harriet is the female to have the most amount of comments