It started off as a tiny crush, but grew into a big relationship. Trent and Jadus are now an official couple. They saw each other in school, for the first time. They developed feelings for each other until Trent caught Jadus hugging Russel and Duncan. Trent told Malik and Ann she is a whore. Trent had a false alert. Jadus was just cheering up Duncan and Russel.


Trent still had feelings for Jadus. However, Jadus was very mad at Trent's comment on her behavior of being a whore. Trent spoke to Malik on how to apologize to her. He planned on singing Jadus a song while they were waiting at the auditions for the play, " Singing in the Rain". Malik, Ann, Noah, Courtney, Jadus, and Trent eventually got together afterwards. They played a game. It's where someone has to say " Not it" to prevent spilling a secret or thought. Apparently, it was Jadus's turn.

Jadus: " I think..."
Trent: * Smiling*
Jadus: " Trent..."
Malik: * Nervous*
Jadus: " Should grow a pear."
Trent: * Shocked*

When it hit Trent's turn to spill it, he decided to sing her a song.

Trent: * Takes out guitar*
Jadus: * Whispers to Malik* Um, is he supposed to do this?"
Malik: * Whispers back* " I don't know..."
Trent: * Sings song*
Jadus: * Smiling*
Trent: " So... do you forgive me?..."
Jadus: " Yes." * Kisses Trent*

Jadus was very touched. They all head out to the park. Jadus and Trent were just playing around with each other.

However, at times, Trent and Jadus will have their ups and downs. Which has not occured.

They had a romantic and sweet relationship.