Just Us Friends
Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired April 7, 2012(USA)
Featuring Duncan, Saki, Malik, Harriet, Jadus, Mikey, Keith, Nichelle, Rose, Ray, Kelsey, Macey, Emma
Also Appearing Dex, Fans, Katelyn, Eli, Hailey, The Titties, Pussy
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"Karate Kids"


The series of Total Drama Mall begins when Duncan runs into the mall and locks the door. Saki, the owner of the mall asks why he is running. Duncan replies and tells them he's being chased by angry Duncey (Duncan X Courtney) fans. Soon after, the fans get into the mall, but Saki kicks them out immediately, when Mikey, the new kid, enters the mall. After noticing Duncan is from Total Drama, he responds "Awesome!" and walks away. Saki shows Mikey Video Game Village, and they start to play Modern Warfare 3. Afterwards, Raymond, Katelyn and Eli walk into the mall. Harriet welcomes them, but after helping Duncan escape the angry Duncey fans, she still has to catch her breath. So, more people started entering. Soon after, Malik asks Harriet for help. He needs help telling his life long friend, Duncan, that he likes him. Strangely enough, Malik didn't mention Duncan was the person he likes. So Malik does it himself. They both feel awkward, and Malik asks Duncan if he likes him back. Duncan replies with a sad no. Malik brings them back to the kiss they shared in Total Drama. Duncan feels like someone is watching them. Harriet feels horrible watching Malik and Duncan, and decides to go home. Emma hears Dex crying and Mikey does too. They try and cheer him up. Malik walks close to Duncan, and kisses him. Then it starts to turn into a make out session. Harriet walks back in, and a singing contest breaks out. Duncan pees his pants, so Malik gets him to a shower and changes his clothes. They go to watch the sing off, and Emma joins one side now and again. Harriet wanted to take a break, and they basically got mauled by fans. After Duncan and Malik chase the fans away, they come out. Then, the first episode of the series ends with them standing together.


Character User
Saki XxItzTDAudreyxX
Mikey/Duncan/Fans Gary the Gaget Dude
Jadus Temaricanfan
Harriet Sierrastalker
Malik/The Titties/Pussy/Nichelle/Keith/Rose/Macey/Hailey Liklik2012
Emma/Kelsey TeddyBear74
Dex NicoTDaddicted
Katelyn/Ray/Eli TDRaymond1212


  • This episode's name was changed twice.
  • This episode has been rewritten once.


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