Karate Kids
Season 1, Episode 2
First Aired June 3, 2012(USA)


Saki, Malik, Harriet, Jadus, Mikey, Keith, Demi, DanielRay, Macey, Duncan, Emma

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"Just Us Friends"


"Totally Dramatic Luxary Cruise Ship"


This episode includes everyone going to a karate training place, and Mikey and Demi claim to be a better teacher, so they fight it out and Demi eventually gets knocked unconscious. Daniel and Ray come to check up on her, and she goes to the hospital, while the lesson was canceled for today. Emma comes and sees what's going on, Ray sees her and immediately hugs her and starts to flirt with her. Eventually, they go into an allyway where Emma asks him what he's doing, and then he kisses her. Malik sees them kissing and tells Mikey. Demi comes back the next day to settle the score with Mikey, and show him that she is a better teacher. She by then proves herself by knocking him out and making him bleed from his head. Duncan does check on him, and he suffers a head injury and goes to the hospital. Afterwards, Demi is the teacher of the karate lessons.


Character User
Saki XxItzTDAudreyxX
Mikey/Duncan Gary the Gaget Dude
Jadus Temaricanfan
Harriet Sierrastalker
Malik/Keith/Macey Liklik2012
Demi/Daniel DDtwins14
Ray RealTDIRay
Emma TeddyBear


  • This episode's was never finished, but the writer freestyled on what wasn't.
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