Model Exposed!
Season 1, Episode 4
First Aired October 16, 2011(USA)
Featuring Harriet, Malik, Mikey, Duncan, Demi, Daniel, Nichelle, Macey, Keith, Hailey, Raymond
Also Appearing Samuel and Connor
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Totally Dramatic Luxary Cruise Ship


"Total Drama Maul"


The episode starts with Mikey being at the food court, and a Little Girl asks him to buy some chocolate, at first he doesn't until he finds out it's Hershey's. Harriet stumbles into the mall like she fell on something. Duncan says something being gay, and Malik punches him for it. Mikey finds on a website that Harriet is a model and asks her, and she stops dead in her tracks and everyone wonders why. Duncan finds out that someone in the mall posted the receipt and thinks Harriet did it. Nichelle defends her by saying that she posted it because Harriet did buy it that day. Nichelle threatens to kill Mikey, because he blames her, and Demi tells her not to. Harriet packs up and gets on the bus and leaves, Nichelle tries to stop that bus, while Mikey admits to posting it, which causes Demi to tackle him. Mikey kisses Demi and says it was a prank, but Harriet wasn't supposed to be discovered. Harriet says she was hiding from her boyfriend, and Daniel offers to protect her. He holds his hand out and Harriet hugs him, Malik joins in the hug. Harriet tells her past about a year ago her being a model, and her boyfriend Samuel was a psycho, a MURDEROUS Psycho, and she said it'd never work. Harriet had to keep running away, changing her name and personality. Daniel, Malik, and Mikey agree Samuel won't get past them, and Harriet hugs Malik and Daniel and kisses them on the cheek, and she goes home. Daniel stays with her, while she locks all of her doors and windows. Duncan and Harriet end up kissing and Keith tries to stop if from going even further because he knows Duncan cheats and knows Harriet will get hurt. and everyone starts defending her, while Demi says to let them be. Soon, Keith and Mikey argue and Keith leaves, Demi being worried goes to see about him. Malik and Mikey ends up in a serious fight, because Mikey was talking about Keith. And they all sign off.


Character User
Malik/Macey/Keith/Nichelle/Hailey Liklik2012
Mikey/Duncan Gary the Gaget Dude
Demi Daniel/Connor DDtwins14
Harriet/Samuel Sierrastalker
Raymond RealTDIRay



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