Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Gray
Sexuality Straight
Height 5'6
Weight 132 lbs.
Status Alive
First Appearance Just Us Friends
Last Appearance -
Relationship Tony
Family Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Daughter
Friends Everyone(except enemies)
Enemies Heather, Eva, Alejandro, Justin
Talent Stylish, Knows just the right thing to say, doing nice things for people
Nicknames TBA
Fans 0
Voiced By Keyshia Cole
Played By Malik

Nichelle, labeled, Mizz. Sweetie, is a main character in Total Drama Mall.


Total Drama Mall Season 1

Nichelle Webcam

Nichelle's Webcam.

Nichelle is a normal girl, who is just nice, calm, cool, and is just..normal, but she can be emotional about things at times, and she has a lot of friends. she also changes her style a lot, so she's always trying a fresh look. she currently has her long, wavy black hair, with long/short sleeved purple shirt, jean shorts, and purple heels. She is also out of town at times, so she is sometimes seen on the show.

Mall TV


Nichelle's mall TV design.

Nichelle was given a design, showing her being a fan of Nicki Minaj, but soon she was changed to a more different design.


  • Nichelle is the character who changes looks more than any other character in the TDM series.


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