PROtesting is a game available on the ??? website. It was released on December 28, 2011. The game features the characters of Total Drama Mall, along with a few others.


The cast of Total Drama Mall all go to a club. They are challenged by two girls to go on stage and dance. The cast quickly accepts the challenge. There are now judged by three people on their dancing. You have to follow the arrows as their dance moves.


This game starts with the player choosing their character to play with. After clicking the next button, there will be a map with all new popular songs. Such as Stereo Heart, We Found Love, Niggas in Paris, Moves Like Jagger, and many more! The player then selects the song right before you click the next button. The player's character's favorite color will appear in the background. The character then stands in the middle of your screen bobbing their head and tapping their foot as they warm up. The music starts and purple arrows come from the bottom of the screen. The player has to press the arrow buttons on their keyboard simultaneously when the purple arrows on the screen go to the red arrows, resulting to either an accurate or bad shot.

Cheat Codes

This game also includes a few cheat codes. You simply type the following into the slot shown in the main game menu.

  • Shake That- You have the ability to press the arrow keys on your keyboard as the purple arrows go to the red ones as they are slowed down.
  • Groove- You automatically hit a combo the next 19 moves you do.
  • Dance Yo Ass Off- You get 20 more points for the next 15 dance moves you do.

Playable Characters

Ariana Daniel Demi Harriet Jadus Macey Mariah Malik Nichelle Saki

Bonus Round

The bonus round is when you face off one of the girls who challenged you. The main goal is to succeed every move striked at you


  • A printable You Danced Your Ass Off For Sure! certificate
  • Unlock new songs


  • Half of the characters in this game can actually dance well.
  • Mariah is the only playable character in the game that isn't on Total Drama Mall.
  • Jadus' favorite color is gray.
  • Malik's favorite color is blue.
  • Saki's favorite color is green.
  • Mariah's favorite color is red.
  • Macey's favorite color is orange.
  • Nichelle's favorite color is pink.
    • Coincidentally, Ariana's favorite color is pink as well.
  • Harriet has more than one favorite color, and more than one outfit.
  • Before Saki starts her round, she kisses the screen.


  • When Malik informs you of something, his goatee is missing.
  • When Ariana is dancing, her right arm is missing.