Gender Female
Hair color Reddish Brown (dyed)
Eye color Sea-green
Sexuality Straight
Status Single
First Appearance Totally Dramatic Luxury Cruise Ship
Last Appearance TBA
Relationship Daniel (attraction)
Family Mom, Dad, and Bob(bro)
Friends Everyone except enemies
Frenemies TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Needles
Talent Paino, Cheer-leading, and singing
Nicknames TBA
Fans TBA
Voiced By Carly Rae Jepsen
Played By Tbird1997

Ronnie, labeled, The Gorgeous Friend, is a character on Total Drama Mall.


Total Drama Mall Season 1Edit

Ronnie is gorgeous. She always has been. She hates how people assume just because she's pretty that she's mean but in reality she is very nice to everyone. She never uses her looks to get what she wants, unlike Justin. She loves animals, the beach, cheerleading, signing, playing piano, and hanging with friends. She volenteers at a homeless shelter where she gives them food, clothes, and everything else. Her family have been somewhat poor for the past few years so she needs the money. Veronica prefers to be called by her nickname 'Ronnie'. She never chose to be popular, she always hung out with people who just acted like themselves instead of trying to be something they are not. Also even though she's not mean she loves competitions for fun. She has a pet dog named Roxxi.


  • She's a new character.