This is the page for the second fucking season of Total Drama Mall.


The Following are the characters featured in Total Drama Mall :


Majority of the episodes in season two are based off of other shows.

  • Just Me,My penis and scrotum.

  • What The Penis-iverse.

  • The Fuckeral

  • School Girl Showdown.
  • Total Bitches Part 1
  • Total Bitches Part 2
  • Total Bitches Part 3
  • Total Bitches Part 4
  • Titties Are Back.
  • Tokyo's Angels.
  • Cats Dont Always Land On Their Feet.
  • Battle For The Cutest!
  • Harriet and Saki with Malik-Belt.
  • Gender Bender.
  • Behind The Mall.
  • Shouldn't We Be In A Testicle?
  • Time To Move On. Part 1.
  • Time To Move On. Part 2.
  • Time To Move On. Part 3(Finale)

After The Finale, The Cast Will Be Replaced by their Kids.


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Theme SongEdit

The theme song for majority of Season Two is "Friends O' Mine" By Bowling For Soup