The Funeral
Season 2, Episode 3
First Aired July 24,2012(USA)
Featuring Jadus, Mikey, Malik, Raymond, Ronnie.
Also Appearing Pinky, Katelyn, Zane, Maria, Dexter, Victoria, Connie, and Joey.
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"School Girl Showdown!"


This special episode begins with Jadus and Ronnie hanging out near the Mall fountain. Mikey and Jadus have a strange feeling that something's missing in the mall as everyone else strolls in. They discover Malik is missing from the group in the mall. So they have very different theories of what happened to him. But the truth spills out when they discover Malik's "Dummy" corpse on the fourth level. Everyone was struck with tragedy and confusion. Mikey was the most affected, as he finds a note in Malik's pocket, saying he committed suicide because of life issues. Jadus and Ronnie start to cry. Maria and Dexter suspect it wasn't a suicidal decision but a murder. But they turned out to be wrong because of false accusations and investigations. Everyone doesn't know what to do then. However, Jadus decides to give Malik a proper funeral and burial. She strategically gives roles to everyone to get and deliver the things needed for the funeral. Once everything was set up, everyone got dressed for the funeral; mainly in black. They long for the days with Malik but it's gone now since he will never ever be seen again. Everyone is at the funeral, sobbing and filled with sorrow. After the whole funeral, everyone departs and remembers the times with Malik.


Character User
Jadus Temaricanfan
Mikey Gary the Gaget Dude
Ronnie Tbird1997
Raymond Katelyn RealTDIRay
Maria Dexter Connie DiedsenBoy
Pinky Pinkydarn
Joey Zane Lulucas777
Malik Liklik2012


  • This is the first episode where it actually features a Total Drama Mall character dying.
  • This is the first episode Zane and Pinky appear in.
  • Duncan, Saki, Ariana, and Harriet are absent in this episode.

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