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About Us!

This Wiki is about the fanfictional series Total Drama Mall. It was discovered by Natsumi Takanashi. On the memorable date of August 6, 2011, she created everything. Our lovable and genius founder had the great idea of creating Total Drama Mall! Sadly, our founder has taken a long hiatus on and off of the Wiki. However, she has given Malik Sanford the special permission of being the Wiki's Co-Founder! Our many other Co-Founders are the lovely Ashley Verine and the epic Lily D! The series has many episodes based on our role plays in the Wikia chat. There are always new people auditioning for Total Drama Mall each season and you can be one of them! Just keep your eye on the happenings and wait.

Welcome to the Total Drama Mall Wiki!

This wiki is for the people who are in the role plays of Total Drama Mall. The drama and happenings never get old. So catch up with everything here! In our newest Wiki of the Total Drama Mall updates.

Total Drama Mall Media Take Out:

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There are some very important users on the Wiki. They play as the Total Drama Mall cast and contribute. Here they are! Nat plays Ariana and Saki.

Malik plays Keith, Macey, Malik, Nichelle, and Rose.

Temi plays Jadus.

Ashley plays Harriet.

Daniel and Demi play Daniel and Demi.

Lulu plays Damien and Lucas.

Trevor plays Ronnie.

Gary plays Duncan and Mikey.

Teddy plays Emma and Kelsey.

Epic Rap Battles!

Additionally, check out Ashley's Total Drama Mall character vs. character epic rap battles! Many new editions are added whenever YOU propose a rap battle! So go read it and propose one, Dog!


There are multiple characters in the series that we can't keep count! So here are the list of major and minor characters. It gets updated every season and you can be one of them!

Main Characters: Daniel, Demi, Harriet, Jadus, Keith, Macey, Malik, Mikey, Nichelle, and Saki.

Minor Characters: Ariana, Damien, Duncan, Emma, Joey, Kelsey, Lucas, Ronnie, and Rose.

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