Total Drama Maul
Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired October 15, 2011(USA)
Featuring Saki, Malik, Harriet, Jadus, Demi, Daniel, Nichelle, Macey, Keith, Ariana
Also Appearing Slasher, Twins' Parents, Drake, Lisa, Kyle, Genesis, Hailey
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"Model Exposed!"


"Feels Like Pain To Me!"


The group gathers around the mall for Halloween, so they head out after Saki's command. They soon reach a haunted house, but become disappointed with what they see. Demi starts to criticize the house, but Daniel shuts her up by pulling her into the house. Saki steps inside, only to see a brick wall getting darker and deeper as they go. Jadus is relieved she brought a lantern for reasons unkown, and Ariana brought a flashlight. They start walking, but they start to hear strange noises. The next thing they know, weird and horrifying things starts popping out at them, which scares Jadus, makes Keith wets his pants, and almost gives Harriet a heart attack. Most people got sucked in a hole from the walls. Saki starts to think that this was a bad idea. Demi replies with a sassy remark and Harriet still finds a way for everything to focus on her, but she gets sucked into a hole. Damien slightly smiles, but he gets sucked into the hole. Saki and Jadus are left. They see this big blue thing called Ao Oni, locked up in a cage. Jadus gets scared and runs all the way back up, but slips and falls back down, nearly breaking all the bones in her body. Jadus then slips into the cage and she gets eaten. Saki then realizes that the bones in the cage were from her friends. She realized he has eaten them all. Saki then turns to Demi and says "I thought you were dead!?", and then turns into the blue thing and starts to chase Saki in a Scooby-Doo manner. Demi-Oni eventually catches Saki and throws her in the cave. As soon as Ao Oni begins to eat her, Saki wakes up for her terrible nightmare. Saki sees her friend surrounding her, in a "Sleeping Times" store. Saki then mocks Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz by saying "And you were there..." Keith starts to laugh hysterically, but Saki slaps him. The scene cuts to everyone ready for Halloween. Saki suggests they skip the Haunted House, and they walk off.


Character User
Saki/Ariana/Slasher XxItzTDAudreyxX
Malik/Macey/Keith/Nichelle/Hailey/Genesis Liklik2012
Jadus Temaricanfan
Demi/Daniel/Twins' Family DDtwins14
Harriet Sierrastalker


  • Total Drama Maul's theme is shown to be in a different format. It consists of having bats, ghosts, and the background turned orange.
  • Duncan and Mikey were absent for this episode.
  • The ending theme in this episode changes to Saki transforming to Winx transformation music.


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