Totally Victorious!
Season 1, Episode 11
First Aired May 23, 2012(USA)
Featuring Duncan, Saki, Malik, Mikey, Raymond, Lucas, Ariana
Also Appearing Al Puppet, Mariah, Carla
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"School Days Are Over!: The Graduation!"




The episode starts off with Raymond (who is Sinjin) smearing peanut butter on people and Malik (who is Andre) talks about the play he's preparing for. Mariah (who is Jade) comes in and paid people to blow a fan on her as she walks in. Class starts, and Duncan (who is Sikowitz) is bald, and they all laugh at him for it. Afterwards, most of them are called on stage for the alphabet improv. Ariana (who is Cat) is the first out, and the words got DIRTY. After Mariah got to Y, class ended. Malik and Mikey (who is Beck) talk about the play, but Carla (who is Trina0 came with her annoying presence and interrupted them. Saki (who is Tori) rejects Ray, and he comes to the lunch table and bangs his head on it. Carla tries to throw mustard on Mikey, but he ducks and it hits Mariah...Everyone is watching, to see what will happen...Al Puppet (who is Rex) and Lucas (who is Robbie) just glares at Ray with Mariah. Robbie throws a Tomato at Raymond (who is Ryder), catches Saki, and runs. and Raymond throws it back in his face. Saki then eats the tomato off as the bell finally rings, so they go to their next class. This random girl punches Mariah because she claims it is "her seat" she had taken and everyone watches in horror. Everyone gets out a camera to record it and is amused. Mariah dies on the floor and the girl violates her and sits back in her seat. Lucas is doing nothing but studying the whole time and the rest of the day goes pretty much normal.


Character User
Saki/Ariana XxItzTDAudreyxX
Mikey/Duncan Gary the Gaget Dude
Mariah Mariaah67
Carla XXxCarlaxXx
Malik Liklik2012
Lucas/Al Puppet Lulucas777
Raymond RealTDIRay


  • They were acting as follows:
    • Malik = Andre
    • Mikey = Beck
    • Mariah = Jade
    • Saki = Tori
    • Carla = Trina
    • Lucas= Robbie
    • Raymond = Sinjin
    • Al Puppet = Rex
    • Ariana = Cat
    • Duncan = Sikowitz


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